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Ian Tree  10 May 2012 12:23:25

The Domino eXplorer

The Domino eXplorer (DX) was developed as a means for facilitating the rapid development of C++ tools to be used in projects that involve high volumes of data transformation. DX has been, and continues to be developed for use across a wide range of Domino versions and platforms. The tool set is also appropriate for Business Intelligence applications that have to process "Big Data" in Notes Databases. The reference platforms are Domino 9.0.x on Windows Server 2003 R2 (32 bit and 64 bit) and Red Hat Linux 6.6. DX is also used as a research tool to investigate various aspects of Autonomic Systems, in particular Autonomic Throughput Optimisation.

Standardised utilities have also been built around some of the functional DX classes, these are published as “DX Tools” and can save time by providing off-the-shelf processing to be incorporated into complex transformations that need high throughput rates.

DX is NOT a framework (we hate frameworks), instead it provides a grab bag of classes that can be assembled in different designs to provide high throughput processing of Notes databases. There are certainly some constraints imposed by the relationships between different objects and contracts imposed by the API, these have been kept as minimal as possible.

All software and associated documentation distributed under the banners of "Domino eXplorer" and "DXCommon" and the "DX Tools" is distributed as Free software. It is distributed free of charge, free of obligation and free of restriction of use. All software is distributed as a zipped package for Windows and a gzipped tarball for Linux, documentation is supplied in Word for Windows 97-2003 and Open Document Text formats for editing and PDF and XPS formats for viewing. All Notes Databases are distributed as "Virtual Templates" available on the internet.

The published versions of the software are all the latest fully featured production versions as currently used by our teams in various high volume transformation projects.


  • Extensive functional coverage
  • Multi-platform
  • Modular design and implementation
  • Extensible
  • Full documentation
  • Field proven
  • Comprehensive and comprehensible

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