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Squiffy  02 November 2013 16:47:09

Redundant Array of Memory Sticks (RAMS)

For several years we here at HMNL Research have been experimenting with RAMS technology. Early experimentation resulted in the "Terascale Array" seen below.

Terascale Array

The availability of higher density memory sticks and improved architecture and engineering allowed us to progress to the "Petascale Array".

Petascale Array

and then the "Exascale Array" seen here.

Exascale Array

The exascale array proved to be enormously useful when our cloud storage provider went Nirvarnix on us. We were able to get our data quickly out of the cloud.

Our largest scale experiments culminated in the handy and portable "Zettascale Array".

Zettascale Array

Some of our storage scientists have been examining photographs of the Google Barge and come to some startling conclusions.

Yachascale Array

Our scientists have speculated that what we are seeing here are the components of a "Yachtascale Cluster" based on RAMS technology. Each barge is clearly carrying a number of Zettascale Arrays organised in a high density hyper-array. They believe that when sufficient barges are outfitted they will be brought together and connected via a USB hub to form the "Yachtascale Cluster", the purpose for such a device is unknown but they do note that such a device would be highly portable.

Some information theorists have suggested that such a large empty storage device could be potentially dangerous, capable of causing a rift in the fabric of infospace itself and sucking in all of the content of the internet like some gigantic information black hole, we remain unconvinced by the mathematics behind this speculation.