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The Cold Call

Squiffy  27 November 2013 17:27:42

The Cold Call

A telephone conversation this afternoon.

Caller:  Good afternoon may I speak to Mr. Redacted please?

Mr. R.:  Mr. Redacted speaking, how may I help you?

Caller:  I am calling from International Redacted Associates.

Mr. R.:  I am sorry to cut you off there but I have never heard of your company.

Caller:  The company is International Redacted Associates, we specialise in ..

Mr. R.:  This is a cold sales call!

Caller:  No, no sir not at all, this is an informational call.

Mr. R.:  So I have requested information from your organisation?

Caller:  No I don't believe so sir, but if I could just take a few moments of your time to inform you about our services.

Mr. R.:  As this is a cold call I prefer if we work from my script rather than yours, now, could you describe the services that you provide in five words or less.

Caller:  For a start ....

Mr. R.:  If I could just point out that is three words gone, you only have two remaining.

Caller:  Errrrrrrr ......

Mr. R.:  It's ok I am not counting hesitations as a word so you still have two words to go.

Caller:  Call Centres.

Mr. R.:  Oh Dear, Oh Dear, Oh Dear! Well thank you so much for your informative call, not today thank you.

Call Terminated.