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Problems with Q8

Bruce Incognito  21 July 2013 10:08:54
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Why Bother?

If you report a problem with the Q8 game to Squiffy and it is identified as a problem with the software then when the problem is addressed you will be sent a free upgrade to the fixed version.

This helps Squiffy to maintain the high quality of the game and eliminate annoyances for other users.

Even if you have not experienced a problem with the game you can request a free upgrade to the latest version by using the same process, make sure that you include a trace of starting and closing the game (as identified in step 2. below).

Follow the steps below to report a problem (or request an upgrade).

1. Make Sure the Problem can be Reproduced

Try to identify the smallest number of steps that you have to go through to be able to demonstrate the problem.
If you are just requesting an upgrade then simply state that fact.

2. Record a Trace of the Problem

To record a trace of a Q8 game you have to start the application from a command prompt. Once you have a command prompt you need to change to the directory in which the Q8 application was installed, this is by default c:\Program Files (x86)\Q8. Then start the application using the command Q8 -D.
Starting the program this way causes it to write a log of events to a text log file. You will need to submit this file along with your problem report. You can find out the name of the file by displaying the "about" dialog while the application is running (click on the chessboard at the top right corner and select "About") at the bottom of the dialog it will show the file name of the trace file.

3. Send the Information to Squiffy

E-mail the description of the problem, the steps to reproduce the problem and the trace file to Squiffy@hmnl.nl.
IMPORTANT: You must include the license number for your product in the e-mail. The license number was sent to you in the e-mail that provided instructions to download the product.