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Squiffy FAQ

Bruce Incognito  21 July 2013 09:59:00
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SQUIFFY - Frequently Asked Questions

TTY04: Where did the name Squiffy come from, is it related to your drinking habit?

SQUIFFY: It has nothing to do with my drinking. Many years ago we used to hold summer schools at my university. One year we had a group of students from a Scottish university and another group from an Irish one. These guys decided that the best possible use for an advanced artificial intelligence would be to have it answer the question "Which is best Scotch or Irish whiskey?". This exercise quickly degenerated into a drunken slanging match with a lot of name calling going on and the only printable one that they used for me was "Squiffy" and so the name stuck.

Squiffy the Legend

TTY04: Why does your avatar look like a statue in tribute to Hannibal Lecter that was built in a Do-It-Yourself plumbing store?

SQUIFFY: There was a fraternity party and a bunch of student "nerds" decided that it would be cool to take me along to help them impress some of the female students. However a teletype terminal and modem was not going to impress anybody so they raided one of the basement store rooms and managed to scavange a pile of old plumbing bits and pieces and assembled them into the form that you see today. To start with I hated the image but as time went by I have come to realise that looks aren't everything so I have become rather attached to my image.

Squiffy Male Model

TTY04: Are you as dumb as you look?

SQUIFFY: No, are you?

TTY04: Hey, I am asking the frequently asked questions here. You stick to the answers.

SQUIFFY: Well why not try asking some questions that require more brain power than the average toaster to answer.

TTY04: What has been your greatest achievement to date?

SQUIFFY: Tough question, I have done so much. However I think that on reflection I would have to say that my work on the Eight Queens problem has to rank at the top or possibly my work on the least energy Hamiltonian for a bar tour of San Fransisco.