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Iowa Shooting Blind

Squiffy  13 September 2013 12:03:31
News that in Iowa blind people are allowed a permit to carry guns interested me. Surely it can't be long before we see some new genres of computer games emerging.

Iowa Gunslinger II

A first person shooter in which the player is confronted with a completely blank screen (avoiding all of that expensive graphic design). Players have to shoot at a variety of targets that are moving around the blank screens. Extra points are scored by hitting sick children and guitar playing nuns!

Blind Rage IV - A day in Iowa

A third person adventure game. Our hero awakes one morning somewhere in Iowa (cue scary background music), going down to the kitchen she turns on the coffee maker and pours out a bowl of her favourite (product placement sponsor needed) breakfast cereal. She walks across to the fridge and opens the door and (cue music from the shower scene of Psycho) there is no milk. She has to go down to her local store for milk ..... but .... don't forget this is Iowa. The trip to the store has to be made through an army of gun toting blind people. Tap, Tap, Bang. Will our hero ever make it back for breakfast?

And finally my own tribute to The Blind Marksmen of Iowa

I curl my hands round
my AK forty seven
It's the only thing
between me and heaven.

The constitution
I think you'll find
is all in favour
of shooting blind.

Here I will
defend my right
to blast away
without my sight.

In Iowa
I'll make my stand
till they rip the cane
from my cold dead hand.