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Space Debris

Squiffy  22 September 2013 14:42:12

Space Debris

There is a lot of twatter and chitter in interspace at the moment on the #SpaceDebris topic, mainly due to it going hot at #SocialSpace.

My Take

1. It cost an awful lot of launch dollars and roubles to put the several thousand tons of what is now junk up there in the first place.

2. Cleaning up the stuff by de-orbiting is essentially wasteful (and potentially polluting).

3. We should find a more effective way of dealing with the problem that utilises the capital expenditure of causing the problem in the first place.

I Have a Cunning Plan

1. Extend the planned lifetime and mission of the ISS to include a Garbage Dump facility.

2. Develop and deploy a fleet of scavenger drones operating from the ISS to retrieve space debris and deposit it in the ISS Dump.

3. Institute a new re-supply mission to the ISS that delivers only Duct Tape.

4. Start a recycling reclamation project on the ISS to recover useful raw materials from the garbage in the dump.

5. Use the recovered raw material and lashings of duct tape to construct a new wing of the ISS (the "Heat Robinson Wing").

6.  Unused raw material and duct tape can then be used in the construction of a Lunar Habitat and a space tug to deliver it to the moon.

7. Rent out the ISS Garbage Dump facility to major film studios as the set for post-apocalyptic space fantasies.


What we have here is a green and economically positive plan to deal with the problem.