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Ian Tree  10 May 2012 12:23:47

The Domino eXplorer - Frequently Asked Questions

DX Tools

1. Why does the DX kernel use the "C" as opposed to the "C++" Notes API?

The first reason that the Notes C API is used in preference to the Notes C++ API is largely historical, in the “old” days the C++ API was a somewhat flaky implementation prone to leaks, exceptions and other oddities and therefore the Notes C API was the only industrial strength option available.

There are two other reasons that continue to favour the use of the Notes C API over the C++ API. The Notes C API offers additional capabilities over those exposed by the C++ API which would lead to the DX implementation being a heterogeneous mix of both APIs. Use of the C++ API would impose a base containment pattern that would influence the Object Model design of the DX Kernels and DX applications in a way that would not be optimal for high throughput systems.

2. Why does the DX kernel use an ASCII rather than a UNICODE code base?

For historical and cross-platform compatibility reasons the Domino eXplorer code used the ASCII coding set. There is no fundamental reason at this time why the kernel and applications could not be migrated to a UNICODE model however there a minimal benefits from this and therefore ASCII remains the de-facto implementation standard.



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