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Ian Tree  09 May 2012 15:59:59

DXTools - Using QACLMorph

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Documentation for Version 1.0

QACLMorph is a tool for managing database ACLs in large volumes. The process is driven by an XML document that defines what a conforming ACL looks like for a set of databases it will then process each database to enforce conformance of the ACL. The utility was designed to operate against an XML document as these documents can be generated “on the fly”. The XML document defines a mixture of ACL patterns and entries that are
  • Compulsory – must appear in the conforming ACL
  • Forbidden – must NOT appear in the conforming ACL
  • Permitted – if present in the ACL then they are conforming

QACLMorph is fast and resilient. Multiple databases can be processed in parallel allowing sustained high rates of ACL processing.

The QACLMorph application is constructed as a Domino Server Add-In task, as such it is perfectly suited to unattended operations.

QACLMorph is a C++ application constructed on the DXCommon application kernel supporting Domino version from 6.0 through 8.5 on both Widows & Linux server platforms.

The ACL management engine at the heart of the QACLMorph application is mature and well tested component having been used in production environments for many years. It has been used in different configurations to manage the ACLs of over 100,000 databases.


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