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Heavy Lift Computing

Ian Tree  28 August 2013 13:23:10

Heavy Lift Computing

Heavy Lift Computing

What is it?

We use the term "Heavy Lift Computing" to denote any IT project that has one or more of the following characteristics.
  • Large data volumes to be moved and/or transformed
  • Large numbers of objects that must undergo multiple state changes
  • Rigid deadlines
  • The "Mission Impossible" tag

Typical of these types of projects would be the transformations associated with mergers and acquisitions (M&A), corporate spin-offs (de-mergers), IT platform migrations, IT infrastructure consolidations and changes in operational IT sourcing models. In all of these projects you typically find a fixed deadline for completion driven by operational or business imperatives along with an undefined number of transformations on an ill-defined volume of data.

Some research and development in the area of "High Throughput Computing" (HTC) have a bearing on the discipline of HLC however the problem domain in the enterprise is wholly different from that in the scientific arena and introduces a different set of priorities and drivers.

The Domino eXplorer tool set has been designed to address many of the technical challenges involved in Domino based HLC projects.



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